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Oakland Catholic Worker


  *desperately poor refugees and immigrants from Latin America
    *60-90 guests per year, staying 1-6 months in our East Oakland home
    *being accompanied by us in learning about their new society
           in finding medical and legal assistance
           in finding employment
    *90% leaving with a job and a permanent home


   *Over 150 former guests living in our neighborhood
    *Being helped to take the next step from survival to success
    *English and literacy classes
    *Educational workshops
    *Spiritual, cultural and community-building events


   *Over 25 former guests volunteering
           in every aspect of our ministry
           in creating new and special projects
    *Leadership development for these new community leaders

For a Song. . .

   *Catholic Workers have no paid staff - full-time workers
           receive room & board and $200 per month
    *Our full annual budget is $60,000 per year
    *We receive no government funds

Our location:

   4848 East 14th Street
    Oakland, CA 94601
    (510) 533-7375